General context

The Soprano project is funded by the The French National Research Agency (ANR). Its main objective is to improve the reasonning power of current software verification tools in order to make them more powerful, more efficient and easier to use.

During this project, a new framework for the cooperation of solvers we will be designed. It will be focused on model generation and borrowing principles from SMT (current standard) and CP (well-known in optimization). Our main scientific and technical objectives are the following. The first objective is to design a new collaboration framework for solvers, centered around synthesis rather than satisfiability and allowing cooperation beyond that of Nelson-Oppen while still providing minimal interfaces with theoretical guarantees. The second objective is to design new decision procedures for industry-relevant and hard-to-solve theories. The third objective is to implement these results in a new open-source platform. The fourth objective is to ensure industrial-adequacy of the techniques and tools developed through periodical evaluations from the industrial partners.